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When the Independent Association of Zagreb Caterers joins forces with the Zagreb Tourist Board the result is something every gourmet, foodie and connoisseur will enjoy.

ZagrebMingles is a project with a mission to connect catering establishments with Zagreb locals, but also domestic and international travellers. This culinary platform is designed to function as a centre with information on the latest culinary offer. As a calendar of sorts listing culinary events in Zagreb, we want our city to become a destination where you can always find great eats, bites and drinks and enjoy traditional tastes.
Continuously creating eye-catching content for locals and our domestic and foreign visitors, promoting various activities and events, ZagrebMingles will continue to invite people to visit different catering establishments in Zagreb and keep them well informed on all happenings in the city.

You wonder how?


We are creating a community of the best catering establishments in Zagreb, showing that our strength lies in numbers when it comes to boosting social life.


We want to showcase the best hospitality concepts Zagreb has to offer, so this platform represents the city's entire hospitality scene.


We love everything traditional, local and recommended, with a focus on excellence, passion and skill.

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