Advent Gingerbrad

Advent is unimaginable without secret windows, which gently countdown to Christmas day by day. In the body of a traditional gingerbread, there will hide some food or dish, associated with the holiday magic. Let’s go back to the past and the days when we were small and impatient. Cheer yourself up and your loved ones, have fun with interesting topics that connect us to the Advent atmosphere.


Strudel pie
Strudel is a quick layer dessert which is most often filled with fruits, vegetables, and cheese. You can serve warm and cold.
Choose the best Jingle Mingle dessert here.


Bishop's bread, Christmas bread or Stollen, is a cake eaten during the Christmas season. It is prepared from lifted dough and can remain fresh for a relatively long time. With tea or coffee,..
...find here the most famous Christmas cakes.


The spice that best complements the Christmas atmosphere, is cinnamon. It is a part of many dishes and drinks that are prepared during the holiday season.
Read more about the Advent dishes and drinks.


Linzer cookie
Linzers are famous biscuits, which are prepared at Christmas time. Most often they are in forms of stars or flowers, which no one can resist. What other cakes are saved during the holidays...
...find out right here.


Fritule is a dessert that resembles small doughnuts. Usually made in Dalmatia, Primorje and Istria on Christmas days. They can be served with a little chocolate, filled with vanilla or sugar. Find out the traditional Christmas dishes... Enjoy!


Sarma represents warmth on holiday lunch or dinner. The key to the success of the delicious sarma is, the longer it stands in the pot, the better. In order not to stay on words, look for the nearest offer of sarma dishes in...
...Jingle Mingles places.


Pork shanks


Pork shanks is soft and aromatic meal, served with sauerkraut, potato, or slice of bread. In advent style, you can find an inspiration for the most delicious...
...pork shanks


Beans are an ideal winter food. It completes a lot of dishes, from meat to salads. In the winter period it is consumed in stews.
You will not regret it when you read here which are the best dishes in Jingle Mingle locations.


Mulled wine
Mulled wine is an unavoidable drink during Advent, that improves the mood. Most often it is cooked with red wine and aromatic additives. Delicious, sweet, and warm! Find out all about...
mulled wine.


Bundt cake


Warm gin
The adored summer drink got a winter edition! The newer version comes in combination with apple or cranberry juice. Cooked gin is easy and quickly prepared, and even faster to drink.
Warm up with these drinks on Advent.


Sour cabbage it is a perfect winter food, full of vitamin C and a tradition that is not to be missed.
Find out here the traditional dishes that are cooked during the Christmas holidays.


The most delicious are the classic made of potatoes, stuffed with plum jam, homemade that return us to childhood. Find out what are the most famous...
...Advent desserts.


They are traditional Croatian biscuits with honey and black pepper. Most often they are prepared in Christmas time. How the gingerbread became the hallmark of Christmas...
...find out here.


Christmas turkey
Christmas knocked on the door and from the kitchen smells the most famous dish, turkey. It is traditionally prepared for Christmas lunch.
Merry Christmas wishes you Zagreb Jingle Mingles!


Cod fish
Traditionally, the most famous lunch on Christmas Eve is cod. This white fish is full of nutrients and a healthy choice at the table.
Read here about Christmas tradition in Croatia.


Apple Pie
A real Christmas is unbelievable without the taste of apple pie. It melts in the mouth and smells like childhood. In addition to apple pie, read which are the... 3 desserts at Zagreb Jingle Mingles.


Homemade rakija
Rakija is made exclusively from natural ingredients and enriched with various flavors. When it is cold outside, homemade rakija is a perfect choice.
Warm up with these drinks at Zagreb Jingle Mingles.


Walnut cake
A dessert of raised dough with walnut filling is served on Christmas morning. Due to its rich taste, it has been a favorite cake for years, and the recipe is also passed on to future generations.
Read more about traditional holiday dishes in Croatia.


Sugar almonds
Sugared almonds are a real delicacy, special for its taste and smell. They took over the Zagreb Advent. Find out here the secrets of traditional dishes served in the whole world.
Find out here the secrets of traditional dishes served in the whole world.


The meat delicacy most wanted on Advent is sausage. Cooked or grilled with any recipe, must be very juicy. With different shapes and flavors, find out more about other...
...traditional dishes.




One of the favorite spices of Mediterranean cuisine, it is especially popular in winter. It is used as an additive of mulled wine. Clove has a characteristic smell and sharp taste. What are the true scents of Advent...
...find out here,


Christmas soup
While meat broth is cooking in the kitchen, prepare homemade dumplings. Let the warm soup do its magic because the calendar winter has just begun...!


Punch is the most popular winter drink. Be careful. The amount of alcohol and the sweet taste can deceive you.
Warm up at these Zagreb Jingle Mingles locations.


Although not traditional, it has become a popular dish on the Zagreb Advent. You can find it in modern combinations of food. How Christmas can be different...
...find out here.

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