Christmas is quite near!

Traditional celebration and preparation have started!

Christmas is cheering us up every year, including this one. Euphoria is present in all hearts. Most often preparation starts much earlier, than was once done before. Christmas tree is ready before December, even we used to wait for Christmas Eve to decorate it. Gifts are purchased throughout this month, and preparation and packaging take hours.

Of course, there is also food preparation. Christmas Eve will most start with fish dishes and different salads. We will not exaggerate with anything because the very next day, on Christmas Day, we will enjoy rich lunch and dinner with more courses, with an unavoidable roasted turkey with mlinci. What will be inside the oven depends on region to region.

Christmas lunch is festive and rich, while the whole family gathers at the table. After lunch, family congratulate relatives and friends and then others. This tradition once includes singing traditional Christmas carols.

Create some new holiday customs and visit Zagreb Jingle Mingles locations.

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