Christmas tradition in the rest of the world

What are the customs in the other parts of world?

Holidays are celebrated in a very similar way in all countries, streets and squares are decorated, Christmas trees are blinging, and you can hear holiday songs all around.

What are the customs in other countries of the rest of the world?

In Great Britain, on Christmas Eve, socks are hung on the edges of the bed, in which Santa Claus will leave presents. Christmas morning begins with the opening of gifts, listening to the royal family’s speech, and eating Christmas pudding.

The Swedes set up a Christmas tree two days before and decorate it with Swedish flags, apples, and dwarfs with red caps. The traditional Christmas sweets are peppercorns in various forms and hard candies stuffed with knäck almonds. Swedish syrup Julmust is a drink that can be bought only at Christmas time.

Irish Catholic families placed three candles on the window during the British occupation, and this tradition has persisted to this day. They place candles on the window to light the way for the Holy Family or travelers seeking lodging.

Since summer is in Australia, Christmas dinners are often held on the beach, and those who stay home have fun by the pool or playing cricket.

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