Sweet as a Christmas gingerbread

Traditional cookie of our childhood memories.

At Christmas and New Year, traditional favorite cookies are gingerbread. Once upon a time, they were prepared throughout the year, and today they have become a term for an indispensable holiday dessert. They look like western version, but still unique and special in local way.

They have a fine aromatic taste, and in addition to honey, they also contain nutmeg and cinnamon, which we simply adore. Pepper as the ingredient after which this cookie is named in Croatia, Paprenjak – with small quantities but gives the main definition of its taste.

The tradition of making it, is known since the Renaissance. Their making turned into a Christmas custom in which the whole family participated, with children especially enjoying it, whose task was most often to imprint symbols and shapes into the dough using special wooden molds. It was believed that those children who ate as many gingerbreads as possible during December would be good all next year.

In addition, gingerbread is also a Croatian souvenir, so if you have family or friends at home or abroad, give them Paprenjak or gingerbread man, that you made yourself.

Take your friends to Zagreb Jingle Mingles and follow the scent of gingerbread.

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