The air is full of holiday scent!

The most magical ingredients of the year.

In December, the smell of the holidays spreads irresistibly through the air. It’s hard to resist mulled wine, punch, or aromatic holiday biscuits. Cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, star anise, ginger and cloves are largely responsible for the distinctive tastes and aromas of Christmas and New Year delicacies.

We all have our favorite holiday recipes. In addition, they also show a positive impact on health. If we knew all their benefits for health, cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves we would use them all year round.

Clove is a spice native to Indonesia, which has been used in medicine for years as a breath freshener. Today it is more unknown for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cinnamon has a peculiar smell that attracts flavors. He is known by far as an ally in the fight against diabetes and high blood pressure.

Ginger has an intense taste, but its consumption reduces nausea, digestive problems, and most of all warms the body when we are cold or have a cold.

Nutmeg stimulates appetite, brain function and circulation. In Asia, it is considered an aphrodisiac.

Take your partner to mingle and follow the scents of winter spices that will take you to these locations.

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