The most delicious and sweet holidays!

Let it melt - all the way!

The smell of the holiday cookies is spreading through our comfy homes, but also you can feel it on the city streets. Christmas is well known for its sweets, so your time has come!

The choice is yours, and here are some of the most delicious.

Walnut roll, and her also popular sister, poppy seed roll, are one of the most prepared during this season. For an even richer taste, raisins are often added to the walnut, and lemon or orange peels are to the poppy seed cake.

Winter walks through the cold streets of the city are unthinkable without fritters, also known as a fritule! Sprinkled with sugar or topped with chocolate, caramel, strawberry, or some other dressing – they make any tasting even better.

Another famous dessert, embodied by Roman soldiers in the war, is kroštule. Sweet short crust pastry with a cup of warm tea is an ideal combination!

Our version of well-known gingerbread is named Paprenjak. The art of making a traditional Croatian cookie full of black pepper is a protected cultural property of the Republic of Croatia.

Take a walk around the city and see HERE the sweet offer of Zagreb Jingle Mingles restaurants, bars and pastry shops!

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