The smell of tradition on the Advent promenade!

The most delicious cabbage dishes are offered all around during Advent.

The holiday table is incomplete without fine sauerkraut. Seasonal foods that are souring in the fall currently reach exactly the required taste, often find their place in winter dishes.

It is believed that something green on a plate guarantees a good year to come. Green foods, such as cabbage, are a symbol of financial success and security. Green represents paper banknotes – don’t skimp on this healthy food!

Cabbage contains a large amount of vitamins B, C and E, potassium, and calcium, and also helps with insomnia, depression and anemia.

In the cold months, it warms us in a variety of dishes, from local sarma, rags with cabbage and stews to the inevitable combination with sausages, dried meat, or blood sausages.

Traditionally prepared sarma with mashed potatoes reminded us of my grandmother’s kitchen, buncek with stewed cabbage satisfied fragrant and tasty buds, and as an addition to various sausages and burgers – greens brought a fine note and a touch of modernity.

It was not easy to choose a favorite among our caterers, so we left it to you! You can still try the Advent offer of Zagreb caterers HERE and decide which dish with desire is best for you!

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