True Christmas cake – Stollen

Delicious and tasty with rich aroma.

A traditional German Christmas cake, Stollen or Bishop’s Bread, is perfect with hot tea or coffee. The most famous is the one produced in Dresden, where the Stollenfest is held every year during the holidays. Its traditional form symbolizes Jesus in infancy.

For it to stand, after baking it needs to be coated with liquid fat and kept wrapped in a bag or foil.

The fragrant cake, which contains dried and candied fruit and nuts, is also great as a gift, full and rich in flavor!

Another simple cake is the Christmas Gugelhupf. There are various variations of this festive dessert, so you are sure to find the one you like the most! The most famous is the marble wreath, but the one with honey and cinnamon or apples and walnuts is also delicious. You will hardly stop at just one piece!

Follow the scents that spread through the city, mingle in these locations, and that’s all we need on cold winter days!

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