Winter is here!

The official freezing time has come.

Winter begins with the first snowflakes and minuses, but its official start is December 21st. We have sunk deep into Advent time, and climatologically started the coldest time of the year.

The first day of winter is also the shortest day, but also the longest night of the year. The winter solstice is celebrated in many cultures because it marks the symbolic death and the beginning of the birth of the Sun. It was believed in dealing with bad habits and negative feelings and accepted longer and sunnier days. Today, in some countries, the first day is celebrated through festivals and celebrations.

In Sweden, people are bringing back legends and old stories. In India, a festival is held that allows for a good harvest and resolving negativity and embracing a better way of life. Self-made lanterns are blown up in Canada. Finally, the Winter Solstice celebration is held in the UK at Stonehenge, where visitors can enter the high mysterious stone circle for the sunrise ceremony, which you can also follow online recently.

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