You are still not enough, gin lover!

A special and specific taste of your favorite drink conquers Advent places.

Gin dates to 1689, and about 40 years later, its pairing with different food. Interestingly, the first combination was with gingerbread, a favorite dessert of the holiday season.

Although many associate the origin of gin with the Netherlands, this refreshing drink is a British product. Genever was produced in the Netherlands and used for medicinal purposes, however in a much purer version it was produced in London as an alcoholic beverage to enjoy.

Most of the pines needed to produce gin are harvested by hand in the wild across Europe, and once doctors wore masks filled with these fruits as protection against the plague because the disease was thought to be transmitted by bad odors.

The highest amount of gin consumed per capita is in the Philippines, where almost 40% of the world’s consumption is consumed!

For even better aroma and specificity of taste, special spices and ingredients are often added to drinks and cocktails with gin. Rose buds, pine fruit, cardan, pink pepper, and citrus are the most common choices. In addition to giving this drink a specific taste, they also make it very photogenic.

In winter, we like to warm up with boiled gin, and for a special holiday atmosphere, star anise and cinnamon are added!

Explore all the flavors of cooked gin, but also the rest of the Advent offer of Zagreb’s restaurants, bars, and patisseries right HERE!

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